Get paid for your opinions!

All About Us

The Spectrum Discovery Center, located in New Providence, NJ provides a state of the art testing facility that offers innovative, customized personal service for all your sensory testing needs. The Spectrum Discovery Center database consists of roughly 15,000 NJ local consumers. With on-site recruiters available, consumers are asked to answer questions to determine eligibility prior to participating in each study. The Spectrum Discovery Center has the capability to test products on-site, at home and online.

Why We Need You

While the Spectrum Discovery Center has a dedicated staff of researchers, technicians and administrators, they cannot do it alone! The consumers’ opinion is essential to a product’s successful launch and maintenance. We need consumers who are interested in trying new and existing products and are willing to give their opinions. We test a wide variety of products such as foods, beverages, oral health, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, fabrics, paper, household products, pet care products and fragrances. You have the opportunity to test the products on-site or at home, fill out a questionnaire answering questions about the products or participate in a group discussion. And, of course you will be paid for your participation!

How to Participate

Consumers can register with The Spectrum Discovery Center database by clicking the link provided, called “Click here to Join our Consumer Pool” on our Home Page. When you complete the registration process, you can log in to our website using your email address and the password you selected when you registered.

Periodically you will receive an email or phone call asking you to participate in a study. First you must complete a screening questionnaire to determine eligibility. The qualification criteria are different for each study and are based on our clients’ requests. When qualified, you will be given information on the type of product you will be testing, the payment amount and the testing times available. Participation in any study is always voluntary and your personal information is only used for study qualification and contact purposes. You information will never be sold.

Our New Providence, NJ Facility

The Spectrum Discovery Center is dedicated to the highest level of testing and research for consumer products. The SDC is also available for all-inclusive facility rental. Our 20,000 sq. feet of research space can be customized to fill your quantitative and qualitative consumer research needs as well as corporate events, training workshops and brainstorming events. The SDC offers space to accommodate testing related, but not limited, to home and beauty supplies as well as food and beverage products.

If you are interested in renting space, please contact us at (908) 376-7000 or email

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