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Our New Chicago, IL Facility is now Open!

You can get paid for your opinion

Join our

Consumer Panel!

  • Evaluate and share your opinion on food products, personal care products, household products, and more!

  • Be a part of product development and influence the latest and greatest products on the market!

  • Studies typically pay $60/hr

Application takes less than

5 minutes to complete

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Sensory Spectrum, a globally recognized management consulting firm, specializes in understanding consumer sensory experiences through product testing. Members of our consumer panel participate in product testing (taste, appearance, aroma) providing feedback which helps clients gain a deeper understanding of their products, consumers, and the connection between them.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

  • Studies take place at our facilities in New Providence, NJ and Chicago, IL.

  • NJ Studies Accessible by public transportation – Murray Hill Station NJ Transit.

  • Participating requires you are willing to travel to our facility in New Providence, NJ or to our facility in Downers Grove, IL.

  • For research studies, panelists are invited to complete a short questionnaire which determines eligibility.


How do I find out about upcoming studies?

Once registered, you can view current studies by logging in to our website. In addition, emails are sent when new studies are launched.

Is there a limit to how many studies I can participate in?

Consumer panelists can potentially participate in 2-4 research projects per year. Standard practice is one study per 3-month period.

How will I be paid for the studies I participate in?

You will receive payment via email within 24 hours of your completing the test/study. These funds can be transferred by you into your bank account or transferred to a virtual wallet or e-card. Note: you are only paid for studies completed, not screeners.